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Jet-Ski Adventure ....


        Jet Ski Rides are one of the many fun things to do Mandwa Beach, Alibag. If this is your first time renting Jet Skis in Alibag Near Mumbai or Gate way of India, don't worry. Our experienced staff will provide thorough instructions to make the most novice jet ski riders and drivers feel like experts before heading out. Up to two people can ride at a time Jet Ski rentals.

       Each et ski rental provides a stable and comfortable ride for up to 2 passengers with a combined weight of no more than 400 lbs. Wave runner safety features include: a fire extinguisher, a whistle, mandatory life jackets, and lanyards (kill cords). The kill cords are worn around the driver's wrist at all times so that if the driver slings himself off, the jet skis will turn off until you get back on! We provide life jackets for kids as small as 30lbs and adults as large as 300lbs. Every passenger wears a life jacket at all times! Also, everyone driving and riding a jet ski.

Our timing from morning 8.30am to 7 pm.


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