Banana Boat Adventure ....


     Zoom across the blue waters of the Arabian sea on an inflatable banana boat ride in Mandawa Beach, This is the perfect family fun for everyone's vacation. You will be towed behind jet skis as you straddle the inflatable banana boat. Feel the refreshing spray on your face as you hurtle the waves on the banana boat in Mandawa Beach. Banana boat rides are perfect for cooling off after a morning in the sun, or just for sightseeing near the shore.

     Banana boat rides are popular for people of all ages, visitors and local, During monsoon Break, most college and high school students will enjoy a banana boat ride. the whole family can enjoy it together, Kids as young as 4 can ride And adults, well let's just say you'll have a great time.  

      Banana boat rides fun and easy to do. there is nothing to remember or do, except for holding on. The Jet Ski will pull the banana boat up to the shore and our beach attendants will help you aboard from the shore. After everyone is comfortably on, the Jet Ski driver will pull off and begin your Banana boat ride. You'll be riding near the coast, so don't worry about anything. Also, we provide life jackets for everyone onboard our banana boat rides; we even have special life jackets for young children. So don't worry and don't think this ride is not for you.


Our timing from morning 8.30am to 7 pm.



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